I dreamed of this car in my childhood. Honestly, I was ready to sell my soul to Devil at least for a plastic toy copy of this legendary vehicle made of fake chinese LEGO’s. This car might be not as popular as Delorean form Back to the Future Franchise, James Bond’s Aston Martin or original Batmobile from 60’s. Nevertheless, I’m sure that Tim Burton’s Batmobile is one and only iconic movie vehicle for the whole generation of millenials like me.


  1. Before reading this, you should take into account that the Batmobile is not a real car. The speed that we are going to state is not the real speed that the Batman’s vehicle could reach. Nevertheless, in the Burton’s films about Batman, the maximum speed of the Batmobile evidently was 530 km/h with the usage of the boosters. It could also go from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, which sounds not so surprising for a car that can go faster than any supercar has ever gone.
  2. Another curious moment is that the hero calls his Batmobile either “car” or “Batmobile”. No other terms apply to this vehicle from the 1989 movie “Batman”.
  3. The Batmobile Cocoon armor is heavy armor that can be deployed while the vehicle is stationary (it is called the “Cocoon Mode”). This armor is stronger than the regular Batmobile trim, and can stop even the most destroying weapon. For scenes when the Cocoon armor was applied in the 1989 Batman movie, a full-size vehicle model was created, and the animation was provided with the technology of stop motion. In ‘Batman’s Returns’ movie, armor design was more subtle, and special effects were achieved using computer-made images, rather than using the graphics of stopped motion.
  4. It is hard to believe, but in both Tim Burton’s Batman movies, each gadget at the Batmobile was functional, except for the above described “Cocoon” mode. However, the afterburner could work for only 15 seconds due to the amount of fuel consumed, but still it was functioning. It really was a miracle of automotive engineering, especially for cinematography, that is one of the reasons, why Tim Burton’s Batmobile is so iconic and memorable.


Batmobile is one of the most famous cars in the movies. Many fans dream of having the same car. The evidence of this fact is Zac Mihajlovic from Camden, Australia, who built the functioning model of the Batman car from the 1989 film. This person not only drives the Batmobile, but also likes to surprise children, by wearing a superhero costume. Using the car is legal: it has license plates and there are no built-in weapons.