A full-fledged film about Batman was released in 1989. The talented director Tim Burton was in charge for initiating people into the elements of this universe. He did quite a lot for the film franchise about the Dark Knight. We can say that he set the tone of the narrative, not only for further films, but also for film comics as a whole.

Batmobile is Batman’s main vehicle in films, comics and games. In the film, Burton has shown new vision of the Batmobile. However, unlike previous TV series and movies about Batman, this car was unique to such an extent that it is very difficult to recognize the car based on which it was created. It was radically different from the serial version. In the film “Batman Returns,” the car looked more restrained, which was generally consistent with the concept of the films. This car was built on the basis of two models. In the Batmobile, though with great difficulty, you can recognize the features of Buick Riviera and Chevrolet Caprice. In case, you are not familiar with these cars, choose any other model while using exotic car rental colorado springs.

Main technical characteristics of Tim Burton’s Batmobile:

  • Length: 6.2 meters
  • Width: 2.5 meters (rear feed)
  • 7 LT1 engine – 264 hp
  • 4-step automatic transmission
  • Rear drive
  • Air suspension
  • Hydro and servo drives of moving body elements such as: cockpit roof, aft nozzle, coming up automatons on the front fenders.

Burton’s variant of the car is one of the most canonical Batmobiles, which simply cannot fail to please the dedicated comic fans. Exactly this car was the Dark Knight’s auto at the legendary comics of the ‘Crisis’ era. Moreover, in modern graphic novels marked “New 52” when creating the design of “Batmobile,” the artists were clearly inspired by the brainchild of Tim Burton.

The way this monstrous car looks like is the direct merit of designer Anton Furst. In the design of the Batmobile, you can see the similarity with both the jet car, build to set speed records, and with the tank. Although the “fins” in the form of bat wings are just a decoration.


Nevertheless, they give this vehicle a stylistic similarity with the bat and the very dark charm that other superhero cars have been deprived of. By the way, designer Anton Furst created not only the Batmobile, but also the decorations of Gotham City, drawing inspiration from the images of “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”. The artist deliberately mixed architectural styles so that the scenery of Gotham looked as frightening as possible and even repulsive. The same could be told about the Batmobile.