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A Few More Ways to Park Your Car for Cheap

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After writing the article on Cheap Ways to Park your Car, I decided to go deeper in the topic and here’s the result:


When you are in the city center with your friends or family, you probably want to have dinner in one of many atmospheric restaurants. That’s why it is important to find a convenient and cheap park spot near here. Of course, there must be a restaurants parking, but what if not? Central cafes and eateries usually don’t have much space around. You can find a parking garage with the help of special parking apps. It’s ok if you park your car a district or two around the restaurant. You can walk from there. Besides, don’t wait for cheap prices in the very center. You are lucky if you will pay about $15 per hour. Also, using special parking apps you can not only find a good car park near your place but also count how much you will pay.

There is one more thing to remember. You can book a parking place online and prepay. Online booking gives you many different advantages and the biggest of them is sales. Also, this information is useful when you live in the central hotel and there is no parking around.

Checking in to the hotel car park



Hotel parking is the best variant. Often, price for the parking is included into the hotel price. Also, you can face to hotels where parking is available only for additional payment. The price can be about $60 per day. That’s not a good price for travelers with a limited budget. So, it is better to check. Sure enough, there is a good parking platform in your hotel. Check if it is free. If not, just make a search and find a garage around or municipal parking with all needed options and cheap prices.


If you are traveling in Orlando, you should go to visit theme parks. So, there is must be a parking spot over here. Let’s check. There must be one! Of course, it will cost you some money, and don’t expect it will be cheap. But if you are going to Florida to visit all amusement parks, there is a sense to stop at the park hotel. Thus, you have an opportunity to leave your car at the hotel parking that is always free.


Whenever you go, it’s not a problem at all to find a right and budget place to leave your car. Your smartphone can help you to book a good hotel, rent a vehicle, book a restaurant. Also, you may use it for parking search. Don’t overpay. There always must be a way to cut your expenses on parking. First, try to book a hotel with a parking included. Then, never use your car when you are going to the city center. Central parking is the most expensive one. Try to park your car near here and walk.

Save Money On Parking. How to Park Your Car for Cheap in Airport and Far Beyond

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Cheap car park is very important for travelers. You can find it in the airport or far beyond. It often happens that the payment for the car rent from Enterprise airport rental or any other company is cheaper than a parking price. How unfair! If you are in a budget trip you should minimize your expenses. Why not? It is always important to save money on such things as parking, lunching to get more money for traveling.

There’s a lot of even more sophisticated ways to park your car. You can read about them in our next article.

Is that so easy to park for cheap? You’ll be surprised but there are many park spots in the city where you can leave your car for a certain period. Don’t worry, you can find a cheap parking everywhere, just look attentively.




Often people want to have their car parked just in the airport. They are going to travel or meet their friends, relatives. Whatever the reason is, you need to park your car. You’ll be surprised to know that airport territory is full parking spots. Look attentively. They all are different in pricing. If you are going to leave your car for more than a week, you probably need to find the cheapest shelter for your vehicle. Here we go!

  1. Short-Time Park

Are you going to meet your dearest relatives on arrival? It is comfortable to leave your vehicle at the airport terminal on a short-time parking. It’s not a problem to pay for an hour and make sure that your car is in safe. Leaving a car for longer period, it is preferable for drivers to find a cheaper park.

  1. Daily Park

Welcome to the daily garage! The prices here are cheaper than in an hourly parking. You can leave your car for a day or two and forget about it. Where to find it? You should wait for an airport shuttle and drive a couple of minutes from the terminal.

  1. Long-Time Park

You can park your car for a long-time on a long-time parking. People can leave their vehicles weekly, monthly. It is situated in a long driving from the terminal. As you can imagine, the prices here are the cheapest ones.



  1. Valet Car Park

Do you like comfort? You are probably happy to hear that you can find a valet car park in the airport territory. What is this? This is a kind of high service park spot where you can leave your car for about $10 and get the list of services included. You can get your car washed, checked, repaired, polished. Anything for your comfort!

  1. Private Parking

It’s not a secret that airport territory is full of private car parks. As a rule, they don’t high their prices up. Their prices are lower than long-term parking usually offers. Also, private parking has a transfer to the airport. You get even cheaper prices when you book a parking place online.

Exotic Places To Visit In USA

Driving an exotic car from an exotic car rental matches a perfect getaway to one of the places around the United States of America with the family – perfect way to picture an amusing travel.

Here we listed TOP 5 Exotic Places that you might want to come and visit in the USA:


1. Key West, Florida

Definitely known for its peoples’ hospitality making it a most popular vacation destination in the USA. Considering its location, Key West is a cruise ship stop making it more accessible for people to enjoy and explore. This place is most famous for its wildlife and tons of beaches where in fact, known for its astonishing coral reefs. Moreover, Key West Florida is where you can truly enjoy snorkeling and diving. You can easily get there from Four Lauderdale by car using Enterprise Fort Lauderdale airport.

2. Frankenmuth, Michigan

First on the list is Frankenmuth in Michigan that is a place famous for its Bavarian-style architecture. In most establishments, houses, and building, the German style of architecture is very evident. This architectural beauty is known for its remarkable ‘X’ patterns in windows and doors. Even with friends and family, Frankenmuth is a great place to unwind and refresh. Along with that, Frankenmuth highlights the German root in the city through the Frankenmuth Historical Museum. It highlights Michigan’s military Heroes Museums which showcases Medals of Honor and military equipment. Apart from its rich historical culture, families can also enjoy amazing festivals, indoor waterparks, and shopping destinations.

3. Saint Augustine, Florida

Founded in 1565, this city has a very rich history way back its Spanish era was proven by its architectural landmarks. St. Augustine is considered to be the oldest city in the USA located in the northeast coast of Florida. Other than that, this city is also known for its stunning beaches, Crescent Beach and St. Augustine Beach. Visitors can also enjoy museums rich in the oldest city’s legacy like Castillo de San Marcos built in the 17th century. Kids may also enjoy at the Anastasia State Park which caters the wildlife and nature.

4. Olympic National Park, Washington

Just a quick pass between a rainforest and an alpine region, you can get a hold of the beauty of one of the natural wonders in the USA. Located in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest, catering a wonderful beach in just a bit of land. More than that, Olympic National Park is being surrounded by several astonishing ecologies like the peaks of the Olympic Mountain with a truly rich rainforest and Mt. Olympus’ iced summit that is very much popular to numerous climbers.

5. Culebra, Puerto Rico

Serenity is just the perfect word to fit for the island of Culebra in Puerto Rico. If looking for an exciting and relaxing family vacation, Culebra is a perfect exotic place to take a peek. It is quite a small island that has amazing beaches in the Northwest just like Flamenco Beach which has an exquisitely beautiful crescent white sand and turquoise water that is totally worth the visit. If the sunset is what your family wishes to enjoy, then a dramatic scenery of sunsets is what’s waiting for you down South, in Punta Melones Beach. Lastly, just near Flamenco Beach is Tamarindo beach that caters a sea enriched with a beautiful marine wildlife.


Rent the exotic, own the adventure. If looking for a truly bizarre journey and vacation, enjoy exotic car rentals and drive all around the U.S. with the family to witness its beauty waiting to be explored.

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