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The One and Only- Tim Burton’s Batmobile

A full-fledged film about Batman was released in 1989. The talented director Tim Burton was in charge for initiating people into the elements of this universe. He did quite a lot for the film franchise about the Dark Knight. We can say that he set the tone of the narrative, not only for further films, but also for film comics as a whole.

Batmobile is Batman’s main vehicle in films, comics and games. In the film, Burton has shown new vision of the Batmobile. However, unlike previous TV series and movies about Batman, this car was unique to such an extent that it is very difficult to recognize the car based on which it was created. It was radically different from the serial version. In the film “Batman Returns,” the car looked more restrained, which was generally consistent with the concept of the films. This car was built on the basis of two models. In the Batmobile, though with great difficulty, you can recognize the features of Buick Riviera and Chevrolet Caprice. In case, you are not familiar with these cars, choose any other model while using exotic car rental colorado springs.

Main technical characteristics of Tim Burton’s Batmobile:

  • Length: 6.2 meters
  • Width: 2.5 meters (rear feed)
  • 7 LT1 engine – 264 hp
  • 4-step automatic transmission
  • Rear drive
  • Air suspension
  • Hydro and servo drives of moving body elements such as: cockpit roof, aft nozzle, coming up automatons on the front fenders.

Burton’s variant of the car is one of the most canonical Batmobiles, which simply cannot fail to please the dedicated comic fans. Exactly this car was the Dark Knight’s auto at the legendary comics of the ‘Crisis’ era. Moreover, in modern graphic novels marked “New 52” when creating the design of “Batmobile,” the artists were clearly inspired by the brainchild of Tim Burton.

The way this monstrous car looks like is the direct merit of designer Anton Furst. In the design of the Batmobile, you can see the similarity with both the jet car, build to set speed records, and with the tank. Although the “fins” in the form of bat wings are just a decoration.


Nevertheless, they give this vehicle a stylistic similarity with the bat and the very dark charm that other superhero cars have been deprived of. By the way, designer Anton Furst created not only the Batmobile, but also the decorations of Gotham City, drawing inspiration from the images of “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”. The artist deliberately mixed architectural styles so that the scenery of Gotham looked as frightening as possible and even repulsive. The same could be told about the Batmobile.


A Few More Ways to Park Your Car for Cheap

Cardiff Bus 723

After writing the article on Cheap Ways to Park your Car, I decided to go deeper in the topic and here’s the result:


When you are in the city center with your friends or family, you probably want to have dinner in one of many atmospheric restaurants. That’s why it is important to find a convenient and cheap park spot near here. Of course, there must be a restaurants parking, but what if not? Central cafes and eateries usually don’t have much space around. You can find a parking garage with the help of special parking apps. It’s ok if you park your car a district or two around the restaurant. You can walk from there. Besides, don’t wait for cheap prices in the very center. You are lucky if you will pay about $15 per hour. Also, using special parking apps you can not only find a good car park near your place but also count how much you will pay.

There is one more thing to remember. You can book a parking place online and prepay. Online booking gives you many different advantages and the biggest of them is sales. Also, this information is useful when you live in the central hotel and there is no parking around.

Checking in to the hotel car park



Hotel parking is the best variant. Often, price for the parking is included into the hotel price. Also, you can face to hotels where parking is available only for additional payment. The price can be about $60 per day. That’s not a good price for travelers with a limited budget. So, it is better to check. Sure enough, there is a good parking platform in your hotel. Check if it is free. If not, just make a search and find a garage around or municipal parking with all needed options and cheap prices.


If you are traveling in Orlando, you should go to visit theme parks. So, there is must be a parking spot over here. Let’s check. There must be one! Of course, it will cost you some money, and don’t expect it will be cheap. But if you are going to Florida to visit all amusement parks, there is a sense to stop at the park hotel. Thus, you have an opportunity to leave your car at the hotel parking that is always free.


Whenever you go, it’s not a problem at all to find a right and budget place to leave your car. Your smartphone can help you to book a good hotel, rent a vehicle, book a restaurant. Also, you may use it for parking search. Don’t overpay. There always must be a way to cut your expenses on parking. First, try to book a hotel with a parking included. Then, never use your car when you are going to the city center. Central parking is the most expensive one. Try to park your car near here and walk.

Save Money On Parking. How to Park Your Car for Cheap in Airport and Far Beyond

1961 Chevrolet Impala


Cheap car park is very important for travelers. You can find it in the airport or far beyond. It often happens that the payment for the car rent from Enterprise airport rental or any other company is cheaper than a parking price. How unfair! If you are in a budget trip you should minimize your expenses. Why not? It is always important to save money on such things as parking, lunching to get more money for traveling.

There’s a lot of even more sophisticated ways to park your car. You can read about them in our next article.

Is that so easy to park for cheap? You’ll be surprised but there are many park spots in the city where you can leave your car for a certain period. Don’t worry, you can find a cheap parking everywhere, just look attentively.




Often people want to have their car parked just in the airport. They are going to travel or meet their friends, relatives. Whatever the reason is, you need to park your car. You’ll be surprised to know that airport territory is full parking spots. Look attentively. They all are different in pricing. If you are going to leave your car for more than a week, you probably need to find the cheapest shelter for your vehicle. Here we go!

  1. Short-Time Park

Are you going to meet your dearest relatives on arrival? It is comfortable to leave your vehicle at the airport terminal on a short-time parking. It’s not a problem to pay for an hour and make sure that your car is in safe. Leaving a car for longer period, it is preferable for drivers to find a cheaper park.

  1. Daily Park

Welcome to the daily garage! The prices here are cheaper than in an hourly parking. You can leave your car for a day or two and forget about it. Where to find it? You should wait for an airport shuttle and drive a couple of minutes from the terminal.

  1. Long-Time Park

You can park your car for a long-time on a long-time parking. People can leave their vehicles weekly, monthly. It is situated in a long driving from the terminal. As you can imagine, the prices here are the cheapest ones.



  1. Valet Car Park

Do you like comfort? You are probably happy to hear that you can find a valet car park in the airport territory. What is this? This is a kind of high service park spot where you can leave your car for about $10 and get the list of services included. You can get your car washed, checked, repaired, polished. Anything for your comfort!

  1. Private Parking

It’s not a secret that airport territory is full of private car parks. As a rule, they don’t high their prices up. Their prices are lower than long-term parking usually offers. Also, private parking has a transfer to the airport. You get even cheaper prices when you book a parking place online.

Few Most Exotic Cars for Your Trip

Long distance drive in a luxury car is the best way to do it. You’ve got the speed, comfort and hi-tech features of the exotic car and a long road to travel. Exotic cars are great for travel to exotic places and it gives you some rare memories to add to your life.

Whether it is the wind rushing through your hair while traveling in a convertible or the adrenaline rush of best features these cars have to offer, these are some of the best things to do at least once in your life. Even if you don’t own one, you don’t need to be deprived of that experience. It is worthwhile to get a car from rental24h car rental and live life to its fullest.

Some of the top picks among the luxury car category for trips are:


– Aston Martin Rapide S

A luxury sedan from the luxurious car maker, Aston Martin Rapide S offers style, speed, and comfort in a four-door sedan. The stunning V-12 powered sedan is a visual treat and a blessing for car enthusiasts. This car can hit 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and has 552 horsepower in its roaring engine. The maximum speed for Aston Martin Rapide S is a whopping 203 mph, it’s definitely suitable for long distance drives. Getting an opportunity to ride this car is in itself a reason to plan a road trip.


– Ford Mustang GT Convertible

The Mustang is a legendary American car maker and this their sixth generation model. The refined and powered version of this convertible gives you the best interiors, an independent suspension setup in front and rear, and above all what better way to go for a trip than in a convertible. The hi-tech digital instrument for displaying road trip metrics like speed and distance to go is ideal to know things on the go. Blasting speakers and the convertible features make the Ford Mustang GT Convertible a great choice for long trips.


– Ferrari GTC4LUSSO

This Ferrari model is nicknamed as the practical Ferrari, they can be taken for trips and is a grand tourer, literally. The 681 horsepower engine and three-door configuration limit the storage capacity. But, if you are planning for a trip of just two-three people then you can choose the practical Ferrari GTC4LUSSO. You get to ride the dreamiest car, Ferrari and one which can actually ride through cities. This is such a brilliant choice for driving enthusiasts, go get your Ferrari from rental24h car rental and go on a great trip.

These luxury cars are some of the best choices for trips along the countryside or city roads. You get to experience the comfort, safety, and a range of cool features from these car makers. Get your hand on these beasts at rental24h car rental. You’ll get see even more collection and choose anyone from it within a short time. Experience your life now and see how your dream car feels like on the road.

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